Thomas M (BE) was interested in listening and discovering music since he was still a kid.
At age 18 he bought his first two turntables, and a second hand mixer. 
Soon, he began, with ‘open ears’ to look for something different. 

After this he evoluated to more non-commercial sounds. He started doing contests, where he came out as one the bests. He started doing some broadcast also in the same time. 
With some demo sets sent, it didn’t take too long and became resident dj in Naughty (Brussels). 

The music Thomas plays now, is more underground techno and progressive music. Thomas likes music with different warm sounds which is surprising, to make the people enjoy and dance with him. His importance is create a feeling between him, the people and the music.

Thomas was resident at Naughty (Brussels), Mezzo Giorno (Antwerp) and Revelation (Brussels). He also played several times in different parties all over Europe like Naughtycontrol (Cologne), Infinita (Ibiza), Pitbull (Vienna), Play (Moscow), Under (Paris), Gibus & Scream (Paris). Some of the parties he currently regularly play are GreenKomm (Cologne), , Divergent & Pitbull (Vienna), Kluster (Madrid) & Red&Blue (Antwerp). Since 2018 Thomas started his own monthly party Cave (Brussels) where he is his own resident.